Transporters in Sipcot Industrial Area in Sipcot Hosur

Industries in Hosur realized the need to form an association way back in the late 70's, and as a result, the HOSUR INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION was born. The association that was established in early 1981, inevitably lead to further industrialization in the Hosur area and went on to fulfill the objectives of the government of Tamilnadu:- The objects for which the association was established are:-. To protect and promote the interests of industrial establishments located in and around Hosur. To collect and disseminate information of technical and general interests to its members as a whole or to a group of members. To encourage close interaction between members. To initiate and maintain close liaison with government and its agencies and local bodies with a view to ensuring growth of industries. To undertake representation to government and it's agencies, local bodies in regard to matters affecting the growth of industries in Hosur area. These may cover, among others, supply of raw materials, transport, power, industrial relations and other infrastructure needs of industries.To initiate and support legal action on its own and on behalf of members jointly or severally.Transporters in Sipcot Hosur Industrial Area in Hosur,Sipcot Industrail Area Transporters in Sipcot Hosur.